Mariya Petrova

PhD degree in Bioscience Engineering

Mariya Petrova was formerly a research associate at Catholic University Leuven, Belgium, and the University of Western Ontario, Canada. Mariya holds a PhD degree in Bioscience Engineering from Catholic University Leuven and Antwerp University, Belgium. Her research in the last eleven years focused on the molecular interaction between probiotics and bacterial and viral pathogens. More specifically, she studied the genetic, molecular, and functional characteristics of lactobacilli, which provides knowledge on their exciting probiotic properties for vaginal and intestinal application. Further, she investigated on a molecular level how vaginal Lactobacillus species can contribute to women’s health by studying cell wall molecules and their role in colonization, pathogen exclusion, and immune modulation. Mariya is an internationally recognized expert in the human microbiota field, focusing on urogenital microbiota and probiotics. She has worked closely with probiotic and microbiome organizations such as ISAPP, IPA, and “Women & their Microbes.” She is passionate about women’s health and eager to provide better health care by developing novel technologies focusing on the human microbiome and probiotics. In 2020 Mariya started working as Scientific Educator and Senior Scientist at Winclove Probiotics.  Currently, she is responsible for sharing her knowledge with health professionals, scientists, and business partners and bridging the gap between science and commerce.

4ta Conferencia:<br/>26 de junio, 9H00 -11H00

Combatir el Estrés Oxidativo Inducido por el Ejercicio Físico con los Probióticos Multiespecie:

  • El papel de la microbiota intestinal y los probióticos durante el deporte de resistencia
  • Ejercicio diario versus deportes de resistencia: beneficios y efectos secundarios
  • Estrés físico inducido por el deporte de resistencia: efecto sobre la barrera intestinal, la inflamación y el estrés oxidativo